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Credit Cards

What Is A Utilization Ratio And What Should It Be?

A Utilization Ratio is the ratio that is found by comparing your entire credit card balances with your entire credit limits.  If that doesn’t make sense yet, keep reading.  Imagine that all of your credit cards combined have a credit limit of $30,000.  If you use your cards and add the balance of each one […]

Collection Agency Woes

I talked with somebody about a call that they received and wanted to make sure that anybody visiting this site is aware of how to deal with this kind of thing.  The call was from a company called Jason Head LLC (I think), and they were trying to collect on a debt from 2000.  To […]

Bankruptcy and Your Credit Scores

One of the things that many uninformed people like to share with their friends who may be considering bankruptcy is how bad of a drop your credit score is going to suffer.  Now, it all depends on your situation before the bankruptcy, but there are ways to get your credit score back up quickly. The […]